Music Experience Design

The Wishing Wall & Glowing Together

The Wishing Wall fabric senses proximity and touch, empowering personal reflections, dreams, and wishes to be transformed into light and sound experiences.

Whimsical reflections driven by light, sound, and touch

Each touch zone is made of conductive silver fabric and as the human body approaches, measures changes in electrical capacitance in the environment. This information is mapped and converted into changes in light intensity, color, sound, and even touch, and haptic feedback. The light glows through the fabric and the sounds themselves come from the surface of the wall, vibrating onto the hand when touched. Many combinations of touch and proximity are possible to create endless experiences that embody the spirit of introspection, reflection, and connected, empathetic engagement with others. Surprise effects are created with specific gestural patterns and hidden touch zones.

Cooperative & community interactions

For the Wishing Wall and Glowing Together exhibits, Heath Interactive experiential design studio developed new software and hardware strategies as a platform for a multitude of possible interactions and discoveries; including custom sound and lighting design and music and haptic mappings.

Testimonials What people are saying

Whether I need musical experience and site specific design elements for an architecture project in development at RoTo Architects, a collaborator on a mixed media installation, or support in one of our entrepreneurial endeavors. They consistently deliver complex, fully integrated solutions that are inherently simple and easily adopted.

Nels Long

Associate Principal, RoTo Architects


Project Harden


The campaign included the deployment of Gear VR headsets to retailers all over the world—including China, Italy, France, and Greece— to demonstrate the product’s features.

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The Musical Playground

Music Experience Design

Tailormade technology and design to provide patients, therapists, caregivers, and researchers, with new platforms for musically-driven therapies.

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