Our secret?

Experiential design fueled by music

Music is core to our human nature, yet many only experience it passively. We make musical engagement more universal and enable our partners to wield its proven power to inspire their target audiences with new unforgettable experiences.

Redefining what's possible

Heath is a tight-knit team of multidisciplinary experts ready to exceed your expectations with cutting-edge music technology. Just tell us your most ambitious goals, and we’ll do everything from ideation to installation. Join us in creating a more musical world.

Designing for emotional engagement

We transform environments into flashpoints for meaningful and dynamic engagement. Innovation isn’t only about generating exciting new ideas, it also must be met with real human solutions that fuel the desire for continuous emotional interactions and social experiences. We design and build systems that create ongoing engagement and empower deeper human connections.

Elevate your business with original music and custom sound design

The Arts, including music composition and sound art practices, help us humans to make sense of our technologies. At Heath, we think like musicians, artists, and engineers simultaneously. We produce our own custom sound libraries and musical compositions as core content for our ground-breaking experience platforms. Our expertise in this area ensures original content always drives all our projects.

Empowering your business with the latest technology

Our engineers and developers are also artists, and their creative sensibilities drive systems solutions that reach far beyond any mere technology itself. From the beginning concept to the final visceral experience, we create highly customized software and hardware solutions that drive intuitive and reactive systems, especially for sound and musical experiences.

The key for building more astonishing experiences starts here

Storytelling and Experience Design drive our R&D. We begin with discovery: what emotional, social, or impact-driven engagements will best serve our clients’ needs at the time? We then test and develop customized sensor systems, software systems, and multimedia activations that are based on the holistic outcomes that will have the biggest impact.

Democratizing whimsical musical experiences through technology

We have unique expertise in new instrument and new musical interface design at any scale: from handheld devices that empower rich but intuitive musical controls, to large interactive sculptures that become destinations for engagement. We have even transformed buildings and other architectural spaces into new musical interfaces for public and private participation.

We work with the best partners

In order to empower more universal access to musical engagements and other interactive media experiences, we work with museums, hospitals, brands, artists, researchers, architects and other visionaries.

Our core team

We are a team of creative technologists, composers and sound designers, software and hardware developers, UI and UX designers, producers and curators, inventors, artists and dreamers.

Jason Heath, PhD

Founder and Owner

An inventor, US patent holder, and experiential designer leveraging the power of musical experience to create new installations, devices, interactions, and dynamic cultural artifacts that conform to and challenge and inspire the human mind and body. He founded Heath Interactive as a vehicle to integrate the unique combination of interdisciplinary expertise required to create seamless, immersive and embodied experience platforms (especially those involving music and sound); and to build a team that can execute visionary solutions to creative problems at the highest level.

Ian Hattwick, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

An artist, musician, and engineer focusing on the use of multimodal hardware systems to explore and facilitate social and embodied interaction. He has extensive experience coordinating teams of designers, artists, musicians, engineers, scientists, and manufacturers in the creation of hardware systems and social experiences. Hattwick received his PhD from McGill University in 2018 and holds degrees from the University of California, Irvine and the University of Southern California. He currently lectures on Music Technology and Digital Instrument Design at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Autumn Rogers, MFA

Creative Technologist

Autumn Rogers is an artist, designer, and software engineer fascinated with the ever-blurrier boundaries between biology and technology. With extensive back-end experience and expertise in microcontrollers and sensor systems development, Rogers develops innovative technologies that empower new visceral human experiences and performance modalities. She also holds an MFA in Arts and Technology from The California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts).

Testimonials What people are saying

Heath Interactive has helped our team to merge musical innovation and whimsy with clinical care. It has been a delight to brainstorm with them to develop new therapy tools with our specific patient population in mind and with the insight and input of our clinical care team.

Michele Alaniz

Director, Children’s Services Center, Casa Colina Hospital

Testimonials What people are saying

Whether I need musical experience and site specific design elements for an architecture project in development at RoTo Architects, a collaborator on a mixed media installation, or support in one of our entrepreneurial endeavors. They consistently deliver complex, fully integrated solutions that are inherently simple and easily adopted.

Nels Long

Associate Principal, RoTo Architects

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