Music Experience Design

The Musical Playground

Tailormade technology and design to provide patients, therapists, caregivers, and researchers, with new platforms for musically- driven therapies

Making musical experiences more universally accessible

The Musical Playground is embedded with technology (sensors and speakers) and designed to provide patients, therapists, caregivers, and researchers, with new platforms for musically-driven therapies; primarily for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other cognitive and developmental differences. As the children and their therapists interact with the different playground structures, dynamic musical feedback guides and reinforces their therapeutic experiences. A variety of musical interactions and games provide new platforms for developing socialization and speech skills as well as furthering their physical and occupational therapies. This sensorized playground will also provide unique opportunities for customization, clinical research, and data collection.

Democratizing musical experiences

Our mission is to create more universal access to direct musical experiences for more children with ASD and expect to share these discoveries and their benefits with our clinical communities. The Musical Playground will be the only one of its kind in Los Angeles County.

Testimonials What people are saying

Heath Interactive has helped our team to merge musical innovation and whimsy with clinical care. It has been a delight to brainstorm with them to develop new therapy tools with our specific patient population in mind and with the insight and input of our clinical care team.

Michele Alaniz

Director, Children’s Services Center, Casa Colina Hospital


The Wishing Wall & Glowing Together

Music Experience Design

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The campaign included the deployment of Gear VR headsets to retailers all over the world—including China, Italy, France, and Greece— to demonstrate the product’s features.

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